Q Acoustics 3050i Review

There are bookshelf speakers, which might not everyone’s cup of tea, and then, there’s this Q Acoustics 3050i—a pair of one-of-a-kind speakers among the best floorstanding speakers or floorstanders or tower speakers that have music enthusiasts goggled eyed—and the reasons are many: next-level sound quality, craftsmanship, compatibility, and durability.

Since you’ve asked our honest opinion about this exceptional set, we’ve rounded up all the nuts and bolts of the same to help you make an informed choice in the end. So, pay close attention to every single aspect we’ve reviewed in this wide-ranging article and come up with the assurance—why these speakers are a great match for your sound system.

Q Acoustics 3050i Review

This pair gets the upper hands over its predecessors without difficulty—it offers the sought-after precision and balanced audio quality that you won’t find in midrange speakers in this day and age.

Characteristics that make a huge difference while cherry-picking the best tower speakers are many; there must be a great amount of energy—sound amplification; warmth needs to be there in the sound; the set of speakers must be compatible with most of the home theatres.

Guess what! These speakers have got all of them.

On top of it, if you love gaming, you really can’t miss out on the immersive sound technology that is, nowadays, featured in most of the high-end floorstanders. Fortunately, Q Acoustics has your back even that area.

What makes these Floorstanding Speakers great?

You have got to admit that you fall head over heels in love with the bass a small amount of treble if you own a home theatre. It’s no wonder that the way home theatres amplify sound is beyond explanation and fill your room with ambiance of excitement.

On the flip side, what if the speakers that came with your home theatre suck in producing Hi-Fi sound?

That’d be quite annoying, won’t it? But as long as you’ve got these Q Acoustics 3050i—floorstanders, there’s nothing to worry about because they boast twin 165mm and 22mm drivers which are as good as they could get—never been better. Plus, if enjoying your favorite movie of EDM track is something you can’t miss out on at any cost, engineers from Q Acoustics have your back; this set incorporates a built-in high-frequency driver that would make you feel the happiest person on earth while tuning into your most cherished soundtrack or your favorite video game.

The design is so impressive that you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off of these speakers—makes of ultimate craftsmanship and offers ergonomics for ease of access.

Q Acoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speakers

Let’s be honest. We don’t want you to regret the decision you make today for these floorstanding speakers in futuristic events, though even if you take everything for granted, you’d be good to go. Still, we would like you to be sure of everything, and that’s why we’d like you to pay close attention to the feature-wise review so you could ultimately get peace of mind.

We’d shed light on different aspects comprehensively so you don’t miss a thing and could be at ease while making the final decision. We’d look into the design, sound quality, durability, reviews (customer satisfaction), and other amazing stuff, and we strongly believe that you’d love all of it.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it, starting with the first considering—design:

  1. Design

What makes you fall in love with something at first sight?

It’s not the sound. Neither is it durability.

So, what is it?

Of course, it’s the looks—how your speakers look, and that’s something that always makes a huge difference.

Imagine your friends joining you at the dinner party and coming across the beautiful speakers. That’s something that they’d admire too—you’re not alone to have a high regard for the beauty.

There’s no doubt that they’re taller, and perhaps, that’s why we call them tower speakers. Speaking of the storage, this pair of speakers won’t become a pain in the neck whatsoever.

While most audiophiles only pay attention to the audio quality, you, like the rest of the music enthusiasts, should also pick out your favorite color so you the speakers could complement your drawing room or any place you put them. Luckily, there are many options in colors: white, black, walnut, and gray.

On the whole, they are the most esthetic floorstanding speakers considering the pricing model.

  1. Sound Quality

While esthetics can be avoided, no matter what, if the tower speakers you’re willing to make up your mind for, sound quality is something you can’t miss out on.

With most of the speakers, resonance could be a bit annoying, especially when you increase the volume. However, that’s something that you’d have to struggle through with these floorstanding speakers, courtesy of coated paper cone that brings a perfect balance between self-damping and stiffness to life.

It doesn’t matter what you use these speakers for—playing legends’ tracks, enjoying a video game, or watching your much-loved movie your 4K smart television, these speakers will never let you down. Dive in the whole new world of surround sound and experience the never-had-before sound design while listening to your favorite songs or while playing a video game.

It uses identical drivers for increased precision with the following size: 165mm and 22mm. Not just that, it is even capable of giving structural integrity to the enclosures; it now allows you to attach a 4mm (0.16”) banana plugs. The interference in sound is what can’t be nearly be found around this pair of speakers.

Although it is a 2018’s model, it still rocks when it comes to enjoying the warmth in music with no vibration at all. It even features a P2P bracing technique that improves rigidity and brings resonance-free experience to the table, offering ultimate soundstage accuracy.

  1. Durability

While investing in top-of-the-line speakers—like this one—one thing to keep in mind for sure is the durability; how long the speaker will last. That’s because you don’t invest in the speakers on a regular basis—this is a long-term investment that should fulfill or meet the purpose. Undoubtedly, it’s a set of state-of-the-art speakers.

The material used in these speakers is of top-notch quality that will last for years. It incorporates HPE™ which only ensures that speakers deliver reduced pressure gradient but also it increases longevity, giving prolonged existence—long-lasting music experience.

The vibrations caused during the playback could also be a red flag, leading to the reduced life of your speakers. Fortunately, these floorstanding speakers house P2P™ technology which not only improves the stereo image but also increases the permanency.

On the whole, these tower speakers are rigid inside out and, therefore, will last for years.

Why we love these

  • Feature identical drivers: 165mm and 22mm
  • Deliver next-level surround sound
  • Boast P2P™ technology to turn down cabinet vibrations
  • Allow you to experience more accuracy in the soundstage
  • Incorporate HPE™ that converts pressure into velocity
  • Give you an unmatched immersive experience
  • Perfect for watching movies, playing tracks, and video games
  • Bring esthetics to life with banana plugs like no other speakers
  • Compatible with most of the home theatres and sound systems

Why we don’t love it

  • Some folks may find it a bit expensive

These floorstanding speakers bring quality sound to the table and there’s no doubt in that. If you make up your mind towards these speakers, we believe that you already own a home theatre setup. However, if you don’t, you consider getting Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1—a complete setup of speakers and home theatre.

Wrapping Up

If you look forward to enjoying the music to the fullest, investing in a top-of-the-line home theatre and a set of speakers is a must, or else, you will have to struggle through cutouts or worst-case scenario; you will miss out on the significant beats in the song and footsteps approach you from different sides in the game.

As a result, we recommend that you, in a fraction of a second, should go for these speakers.

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